Obesity Conditions

Understanding Obesity and the Connection to Type II Diabetes

December 02, 2019 (Mon)

Obesity is linked to many diseases, one being type II diabetes. We look at this connection and discuss how to manage and prevent T2D.

The Gut Connection to Weight

June 26, 2019 (Wed)

The etiology of obesity is complex. The research has shown that there are many internal and external influences on body weight, one major influence being the bacteria that live within our gut.

Obesity, Diabetes & Bariatric Surgery

November 29, 2018 (Thu)

Affecting 2/3 of the American population, overweight and obesity have many comorbities of which two are type two diabetes (T2D) and hypertension.  Studies have shown that patients who are obese and suffer T2D have great remission rates with bariatric procedures such as duodenal switch/biliopancrtaic switch.

Childhood Obesity

June 13, 2018 (Wed)

Statistics have shown almost 20% of children in the US are obese.  These numbers are on the rise and reflect the increasing amount of adults who are considered obese in today's world.  There are many factors and situations that attribute to these sudden spikes in obesity in our society.

Obesity and Diseases

November 06, 2017 (Mon)

Obesity is a major risk factor in the development of many diseases. New research suggests that greater than 2/3 of the United States of America‚Äôs population is either overweight or obese. Controlling the underlying cause (obesity) is instrumental in the treatment and prevention of these conditions.