Private Label Branding

At R-Kane Nutritionals, customizable private labeling is a key facet of our company. We provide our customers with the perfect label to help them establish their own brand. Labeling our products solidifies your weight loss program’s existence in the marketplace and leads your company down the pathway of success.

Simply send your desired artwork, business name, and/or logo, and we provide the rest!

We’ll work together side by side in order to turn your vision into a reality. Let us help your company become a household name and professionalize your services with our custom labels!

Standard Private Labeling Requirements:

  • Each case has 36 boxes and each box has 7 packets.
  • Your desired 4” x 1.25” labels including your practice’s name, address, and telephone number will be added on the packaging.
  • The artwork must be sent in JPG format.
  • Pricing is as per price list.

Give us a call at (856) 663-0644 to discuss how we can meet your needs.