Weight Loss Programs Help Fight Cardiovascular Disease

May 03, 2017
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We all want healthy hearts – a healthy heart means a long life with our families, our friends and the ability to move without worry. Unfortunately, we all know that carrying around extra weight is not the best for our hearts. Even when we lose just a little bit of weight it can have a huge impact on our heart’s health – and who wouldn’t want that?

When we lose weight, even 5 – 10% (think 10 – 20 pounds), our hearts seem to appreciate the lighter load. In fact by losing this we can 1) more easily pump our blood around our bodies, 2) relax our hearts and not be so tense, 3) allow our heart to perform better with less fat in the blood (lower triglycerides), and 4) reduce overall fatty tissue in our abdominal region which is an indicator of cardiovascular health. We all know that it’s easier said than done, but even with modest weight loss our cardiovascular health will see huge improvements.