5 Ways to Remain Active throughout the Holidays

January 05, 2018
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When the holiday season is upon us we need to be realistic and set up some parameters and goals for ourselves. This way we have a roadmap of how to manage. This post will focus on physical activity since we know that if we can maintain an active lifestyle we can give ourselves some leeway to enjoy ourselves, not forsake all the progress we’ve made, but give ourselves a little wiggle room so-to-speak that allows us to feel less guilty and more successful. It’s as easy as remembering to STAMP!

  1. Stand up!
    Take a break from sitting – in fact, current research says that sitting is the “new smoking” when it comes to your health. So, set an alarm on your phone or computer and be sure to stand up every hour to stretch and move your legs. You can even do chair squats: perform 8 – 10 each hour, therefore in an 8 hour workday you’ll have completed a minimum of 64 chair squats!
  1. Take 5!
    A 5 minute walk break a few times a day can really add up. If you take just 3, 5 minute walks that an extra 15 minutes of walking a week. If you do this for all 5 weeks of the holiday season that’s an extra 75 minutes of activity you can rake up!
  1. Appreciate your Body
    During your weight loss journey your body will be challenged in many ways – physically, emotionally and so much more. Appreciate all that you’re asking of your body. Be thankful and be sure to reflect on all the new things your body is doing now that it was not doing before.
  1. Make a Plan!
    Make a plan for your fitness. Schedule it so that you have that time set aside. When we make the time and schedule it we’re less likely to forsake it. And, if you need help making a schedule check out our fitness planner by clicking here.
  1. Pack it!
    Keep an extra set of sneakers in your trunk, or better yet, a bag with other fitness gear then you have absolutely no excuse no matter where you are. Keep the basis in a bag: bottle of water, sneakers, socks, pants and a shirt. The best part about using walking as your primary form of exercise is that overture you don’t need a ton of equipment!

Being active will be a huge part of maintaining your weight loss and continuing your journey to a healthier you, most especially during the holiday season. While many will use the holidays as an excuse to “let go” too much, use this as an opportunity to seize the opportunity and stay active. You’ll have nobody else but yourself to thank for your success!   

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