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Can R-Kane products be ordered online?

If you are a medically licensed professional and if you have an account with R-Kane Nutritionals, you can order R-Kane products through our website. If you don’t have an account with us and if you would like to become an R-Kane Nutritionals provider please CLICK HERE. R-Kane weight loss products are only available for purchase through a medically licensed professional or a program that is supervised by a medically licensed professional.

What allergens are found in R-Kane products?

Pro-Cal and Z-Pro 25 contain Soy, Coconut, Milk & Phenylalanine. Tiny Meal Salted Caramel Chocolate contains milk and soy. Tiny Meal Peanut Butter Chocolate contains milk, peanuts and soy.

Are R-Kane bariatric products lactose free?

Yes, Pro-Cal and Z-Pro 25 are lactose free products.

What is the main source of Protein in R-Kane meal replacement products?

R-Kane Nutritionals uses only the highest quality grade protein for our products. Pro-Cal is formulated with calcium caseinate and Z-Pro 25 includes calcium caseinate and whey protein.

Does shipping cost extra?

Shipping costs are NOT included in the price for US shipments. Please CLICK HERE for more shipping information.

How is the product packaged?

R-Kane Nutritionals protein products are sold by the case. Case size varies depending on the product. Pro-Cal 100 – 12 packets per box / 24 boxes per case – 288 packets Private Label Pro-Cal 100 – 7 packets per box / 36 boxes per case – 252 packets Z-Pro 25 – 24 packets per box / 12 boxes per case – 288 packets