What Makes Us Different?

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Great tasting meal replacement products

We want your patients to stick to their diets during their weight loss journey. For that reason, our culinary chefs work hand-in-hand with our food scientists to develop great tasting meal replacement products. We are dedicated to helping dieters enjoy what they eat and still lose weight.

40 years of experience in formulating and manufacturing

R-Kane Nutritionals has been providing healthcare professionals with great tasting, high quality products for 40 years. All of our products are developed and manufactured in – house fully complying with US FDA Good Manufacturing Practice standards. We use the highest quality materials.

Innovative approach to taste and science

We place a strong emphasis on creating great tasting products that are scientifically designed to help people lose weight and stay healthy. We believe patients are more likely to stick to their diet plans and achieve their goals if they enjoy what they are eating. We have been able to create the right balance of science and taste by bringing together a team of chefs, nutritionists, food scientists and engineers when developing products.

Some of our products include bariatric shakes and puddings, protein drinks, and meal supplement protein bars.

Extensive research and development capabilities

We focus on high protein dietary supplements and functional protein foods that go hand in hand with a low-calorie diet that comes with an effective weight loss program.

Revenue increase opportunities with private label

We offer you the ability to brand our products with your name and logo. You can either include these delicious protein shakes, puddings and bars into your weight loss program or sell them separately at your practice to increase your revenue and grow your business.

Customer focused approach

Our customers are our top priority and we strive to provide mindful dietary and bariatric products that give your patients results at an affordable price.

Flavored Nutrition Weight Loss Shakes