About Us

Since 1977, R-Kane Nutritionals has been consistently providing top of the line weight loss products and dietary supplements for physicians and leading world medical facilities. We develop and manufacture meal replacement and weight loss products sold throughout the medical community.

With over 30 published medical peer review papers, R-Kane continues to be recognized as a national leader in the nutritional medical field. Working hand in hand with healthcare professionals, bariatric surgeons, nutritionists and dietitians, we understand what works for the everyday individual and their diet plan. We strive to provide life changing scientifically designed nutrition products for our customers. Contact us today to learn more.

What Makes Us Different

  • 40 years of experience in formulating and manufacturing.
  • Experienced team of food scientists, medical professionals,
    culinary experts and nutritionists.
  • Flexible product customization solutions.
  • Innovative approach to taste and science.
  • Customer focused approach.

Our Mission

We are committed to generating nutritious lifestyles by producing scientifically designed, great tasting and affordable products.

Our Vision

We believe that our purpose is to help people achieve their health goals. We believe in quality and do not settle for anything less than excellence for our products.