8 Tips to Changing Your Weight Loss Journey

November 14, 2017
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Losing weight is hard. In fact it can be down right difficult at times that’s why taking in all of the tricks and tips to be the most successful is important. Why reinvent the wheel when it’s not necessary?

1) Plan your meals. Make a meal plan and stick to it. It’s ok to mess up, but don’t let it derail everything. Remember that there’s always the next meal or even tomorrow. Click here to check our meal replacement products.

2) Schedule your exercise. When we make a schedule we’re more likely to stick to it. A great trick is to schedule your walk (or whatever your doing) in your daily calendar. Treat it like a very important meeting for yourself.  

3) Journal. Record everything in a journal whether it be an online or hand-written journal. Accountability is everything and it’s been shown that when we write down what we do we are much more honest thereby keeping us accountable.  

4) Consistency. Consistency is everything. When we’re “good for a day here and there” we will see little progress. When we’re trying to establish long-term change consistency is key to success.

5) Friends. Everything is better when we do things with find friends with similar goals and like minds. In fact, when we make plans with these friends we’re less likely to skip a workout session.

6) Abominators. These are people that hate, loathe and try to bring on negativity. When trying to make life changes we need to surround ourselves with those that ridicule or hate on you for whatever reason. That negativity is just flat out not needed.

7) Check-ups. Regular medical check-ups are a must. The numbers we learn from our blood work and other medical tests are great ways to see our progress. Work to improve what you see needs improvement and use these numbers as progress markers.

8) Love. Love your life and always love yourself. There will be ups and downs. That’s normal. There will be moments of joy and troughs of sadness. Allow yourself to move forward and keep at it.

Always remember that making life changes is difficult. It didn’t take a day or even a week or months to arrive to where we are right now. So be patient with yourself and give yourself the best tools for sustained life long success!