Breathe – Inhale, Exhale, Repeat

July 12, 2018
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Breathing can be a struggle when we are first getting our bodies moving. Any movement seems to leave you feeling winded, tired and ready to give up. It’s hard and the team here at R-Kane Nutritionals understands. Often the first steps on a life-changing journey are the absolute toughest and it takes a bit of perseverance and strong-willed thinking. When it comes to exercise we know breathing is important and can be tough, but it’s also important to understand why we need to breathe.

One thing we hear about while we start to exercise is “Inhale,” “now Exhale…” and you feel completely backwards. You’re inhaling when they say to exhale and vice versa. The answer, though, is simple: just breathe. Inhale, exhale and repeat. So long as we breathe while we walk, move our bodies or whatever activity it is we’re doing, we’re doing it right. But as a reminder for us all here are 5 reasons why we should breath when we exercise:

  1. Breathing in the fresh air reminds us we’re alive and here to see another beautiful day. Literally, breathe it in! 
  2. Breathing helps our muscles convert fat into fuel. We need the oxygen to break down fat into usable energy. 
  3. Breathing helps to circulate oxygen throughout our body while we move. Our entire body needs oxygen when we’re moving – literally every single part. 
  4. Breathing is a part of our cardiopulmonary system – the system which connects our heart (cardio) and lungs (pulmonary) – when we exercise and breathe we strengthen this system.
  5. Actively breathing can help you lower your blood pressure, especially while exercising. And lower blood pressure means our heart is working more efficiently to circulate oxygen around the body!

No matter how we breathe, so long as we’re breathing, we’re doing things right. We have so much to focus on while making changes don’t worry about “when is the right time to exhale,” just breathe. And, if you need a good reminder to breathe (since many of us forget), pop some of your favorite songs on the radio and sing along while you exercise…sing like nobody’s listening!