Stepping Up Your Game

April 19, 2018
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The snow is melting. The grass is emerging. The trees are budding. The bulbs are peaking their way through ground. The sun is shining more and more each day which means warmer and warmer weather is on the way; these warming temperatures make getting up and moving outside much easier! Here at R-Kane Nutritionals we’re looking forward to the change in season as much as anyone else. With this year’s meltdown we want to help support your own personal “meltdown” with our top seven tips.

1) Have a gym bag packed

Excuses tend to get the best of us and research has shown that when we make things a “bit easier” for us we’re more likely to follow through. Our first tip is to have not one, but two fitness bags ready. Be sure to include: workout shirt and pants, unopened bottle of water, headphones, sweat towel, shower towel (if you’re going to shower after) and an emergency dopp kit that includes: deodorant, small shower gel or wash, hair spray or gel and a brush. Keep one bag near the entrance to your home and one in the trunk of your car.  

2) Pack healthy snacks

We all know that being “hangry” is a real thing. All too real. And when it strikes that typically means anything not tethered to the refrigerator is fair game! But wait – not really. Our rational brains know that if we can plan and have our healthy snack options on hand then we’re more likely to have better weight loss success. Try keeping ProCal Chocolate shake packet or two in your desk; and even throw a TinyMeal Nutrition Bar into your gym bag so that you’re never without healthy food options.

3) Stash an extra pair of sneakers

This is a no-brainer. Perhaps the only piece of equipment needed to take a walk is something to wear on your feet. So why not just keep a pair in the car trunk? This way, no matter where you are there’s never an excuse to not take a walk!

4) Purchase a new exercise DVD

There are so many new exercise DVDs. By keeping a few around the house guarantees that you never have an excuse to NOT exercise, most especially when the weather is not conducive to outdoor activities. Also, at home DVDs allow you to try new exercise formats in the privacy of your own home…use this as an opportunity to try Yoga, Pilates or even Zumba®!

5) Stock up on healthy foods

Aside from keeping a fresh stock of your favorite R-Kane Nutritionals meal replacements, a tip all of us follow here is to keep a healthfully-stocked refrigerator. Be sure to include plenty of fruits like apples, oranges, pears, bananas and berries. And don’t forget vegetables, too! Carrots, celery and peppers are easy to store already cut up for quick grab-n-go type snacks. 

6) Find a fitness partner

Friends are great, right? Having friends that have similar goals and interest: that’s priceless! Finding a friend to move with you along the journey is so beneficial. Not only can you be one another’s motivators, but you can also hold one another accountable. Accountability is key to success!

7) Restock vitamins & minerals

We all know vitamins and minerals are important. And, if you’ve had bariatric surgery it’s a way of life post-surgery. If you need a refresher be sure to check out this informative piece. So as a way to keep your momentum going be sure you take your supplements daily, and if you need to take one like calcium throughout the day, carry either a bottle of your daily dosages with you in your bag.

So what will your plan be to step it up? What will you do to keep your momentum going? Following the above will really help propel you forward in your weight loss journey. Never give up and always fight for your health. It’s truly a blessing to have!