Tiny Meal Protein Bar is coming soon.

May 03, 2017
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R-Kane will introduce our new and improved Tiny Meal Bars in Fall 2017. We’ve reformulated and revamped our old formula, turning our former artificial preservatives into cleaner, real ingredients beneficial to all of your potential customers. Due to our use of high quality dairy protein and ingredients, the taste of these bars is exceptional. Chocolate, cocoa powder, mint, and peanut butter are some of the ingredients that make our bars taste so natural and delicious, satisfying your customer’s taste buds while simultaneously providing them results.  We have also added fiber to our new and improved recipe. Studies show that dietary fiber in conjunction with protein make individuals feel fuller, limiting their caloric intake.  

Our R&D team realizes that the two most important components of any weight loss product are protein and flavor. We are here to ensure you that Tiny Meal Bars are high quality, clean tasting, and comparative to any non-dietary version in the marketplace.  Your customers will not have to sacrifice taste, flavor, or texture with our products. Tiny Meal Bars are perfect for busy lifestyles-a great tasting, no hassle, on-the-go meal that will help individuals shed pounds and get their health back on track. 

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